A new Era of Remote Sensing, Data Analysis and Robotics.
Artificial Intelligence and Modular Universal Imaging System.

Who We Are?

As an young startup, Sternbahn™ aims to enter the European market with few commercial parallel solutions:

1. A Modular Universal Imaging System, and

2. An integrated AI solutions

3. Automation and Geodata solutions

For exaple, our solutions can be used in collecting and managing Urban Climate Data for towns and Cities evolving to a smart city.

We provide a complete package to cities and communities to collect urban meteo-, hydro- and climatological and pollution data, analyse it and provide local predictions short and long term predictions to assist climate change adoption and mitigation along with a customized Maps.

We can Assist you in before, during and after the disaster time. We can track hazards, such as flash flood and earthquake swarm, estimate the propagation, e.g. of floodwater and assist your relief efforts with continuously updated data. Contact us for discussing an actual mission plan.

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You can download our White Paper and other Sternbahn™ documents on the download page.

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our work, give us suggestions for new interesting engagemant, or to just say hello!

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